Welcome to Vista Imaging
Specializing in the best solutions for all of your digital imaging requirements!

Vista Imaging provides advanced state of the art digital imaging technologies and product solutions. While specializing in single and multi-modal biometric products, we also have many solutions which are and can be customized for our OEM partners. Our iris, face, latent fingerprint, and signature biometric solutions are field proven and tested with today's leading biometric algorithms. We design custom imaging solutions for OEMs and partners for devices integrated into nearly every form of embedded and portable imaging devices. Our ViCAM® technology at the heart of all these innovations is regarded as the highest quality imaging solution in the industry and is implemented in numerous award winning products around the globe.

Vista Imaging's major force is as a solution provider and as a Research & Development organization with focused goals of becoming the market leader in digital imaging technologies and solutions. We've been developing digital imaging products since the beginning of the industry and have a proven track record and reputation of delivering unparalleled quality, performance, features and customer service.