Vista Imaging Product & OEM Solutions
Over our long history here at Vista Imaging, we have developed a vast quantity of products and solutions both for our own brand and for our customers. Everything from identity, biometric, facility access & monitoring, security cameras, medical imaging solutions, game trailcams, cameras embedded in desktops, laptops, handhelds, smartphones, etc..., you name it and there is a good chance we've done it. We have a lot of experience working with our partners to provide the perfect imaging solution that meets both the performance and cost goals. All of our solutions are based on our ViCAMŽ ASIC technology which provides the performance and flexibility needed to achieve all of these solutions.
Below is a great example of one of our partner's biometric kiosk capturing iris & face for identity.

We provide our ViCAMŽIII based solutions to the form of product level, module level, and board level solutions via our strong relationships with ISO contract manufacturing partners here in the US, Singapore, China, and in central ASIA.

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Here are a few of our partners ultilizing our ViCAMŽIII digital imaging engine in some very powerful solutions...

Reconyx, Inc. RECONYX has been in the business of designing, manufacturing and selling digital infrared game cameras since 2002. Since then they have become known worldwide as the industry leader.

Detekt Biomedical L.L.C. Detekt's handheld and desktop lateral flow imaging system products are used across the world by leading companies for Food Safety Testing, Biothreat Detection, Environmental Monitoring, and Aesthetic Medicine

Thermo Scientific. Thermo Scientific's CID8825D radiation-hardened color camera features new Low-Noise, Preamplifier Per Pixel Radiation Hardened Charge Injection Device (CID) imager technology for use in radiation environments. The only radiation-hardened solid-state camera capable of color imaging in radiation environments, the CID8825D features a 2:1 interlace-scanned Charge Injection Device (CID) based imager with 18.0 x 16.4 micron pixels in 710(H) x 484(V) NTSC version format, and a minimum radiation tolerance of at least 3 x 106 rads total dose gamma (3 MegaRAD) total dose.

RF Systems. All-In-One Digital Imaging System, Doctor's Station is designed based on ergonomics for dentistry practitioners to be able to perform most of dental procedures with correct and relaxed posture. It is the versatile imaging system, which can provide better diagnostics efficiency level and more effective informed consent to patients.

BioVision Technologies. BioVision's Veterinary Endoscopy offers an amazingly compact, easy to use, endoscopic visualization system, allowing today’s veterinarian to perform everything from routine exam room diagnostics to complex minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Video Associates Labs. Video Associates Labs designs, manufactures and sells personal computer-based audio and video products worldwide. For more than a twenty-five years, the company has been a recognized technology pioneer developing broadcast and interactive video related products.

Spectec Computer. Spectec Computer Co., Ltd., a leading supplier of SDIO products, specializes in the design and manufacture of tiny sized wireless network cards to add multiple wireless connectivity to the hand-held device to enrich daily mobile life.

APC. The APC's NetBotz 500 is the next-generation NetBotz monitoring appliance. The NetBotz 500's pod-based architecture gives the user tremendous flexibility and expandability. Camera pods and sensor pods can be located as far as 340 feet (104 m) from the base station, allowing coverage of multiple rooms or cabinets.